Language Enthusiasm

Google searching “language enthusiast blogs” was my first step in gaining a concept for a blog idea i got late at night. In doing so, I saw that it was mostly the same type of blogs out there. All mostly directed with instructions on how to learn a certain language.

My intention is to create a space for all language lovers, independent of which language you are learning or how many you speak. Maybe you haven’t learned any languages, but have always been interested in doing so. Maybe this might spark up the motivation you’ve been missing to begin. On the other hand, you might already be bilingual, tri- or multilingual! Here you can keep your desire to learn fully charged, relate to learning language stories, and connect with others who have that same drive within them that just makes you so excited to understand more cultures and languages.

Side note: as I’m writing this I’m thinking to myself: “ Damn, I wish there was a synonym for the word language in English! Like idioma and lengua. Comeon English you’re making me sound so repetitive here!”

My impulse to start this blog came from feeling so discouraged in my language learning, and not how you might expect. I was recently in a total transformational period of my life. I had quit my job in the world of events and was looking for my next career adventure. With that being said, I had a lot of free time on my hands to study a new avenue that I would be interested in.

My husband is from Brasil, so naturally I had taken an interest in Portuguese. I had reached a level in spanish the past 4 years that I was comfortable with. I had lived in Bilbao, Spain for a little over one year. I really wanted to move on to Portuguese for a lot of personal reasons. Primarily, my goal was to be able to communicate with his family when we traveled to Brasil.

My motivation was not lacking at all, in fact, it was at an all time high! I was studying for hours a day and making good progress. The amount of youtube videos I was watching in Brazilian portuguese was endless honestly. I purchased a grammar book at my local Barnes & Noble, I called my husband’s grandma weekly to practice with her and I really saw an improvement overall in this language. It was a very exciting feeling and the momentum I had was incredible! I felt a passion to learn Portuguese I believe even stronger than I had when I began learning Spanish. That probably had to do with the personal aspect that this language had in my life. I knew I had to, and wanted to communicate with my new family!

Ok, so what’s the problem then, right? Sounds like I was super in control of my progress and my daily studying routine was being put into place. Well, one day I was thinking to myself, I am truly and honestly so passionate about being multi-linguistic, but my career path isn’t in languages! Even though I was being super productive with my language learning, I was leaving any and all other goals and projects completely to the side!

After working in the fast paced world of events-constantly thinking on your feet and dodging disasters- I became interested in a different field. There was a real struggle, though, to understand where language fit in to my new life. Thus this blog came into fruition. I spent so much time reading, watching about, and honestly obsessing a bit over polyglots! There are so many people in the world searching for ways to integrate languages into their life, even when it doesn’t integrate with their work-life. So, if you’re like me, someone who adores finding new ways to communicate with others around the world, but whose job doesn’t necessarily involve any language skills, I invite you to become apart of this blog.

Chateau de Chenonceau, France 2016

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